Immigration and Homeland Security

SOPHISTICATED SQUALOR…Yesterday, upon our visit to Nogales Detention Center, which was in fact the Border Patrol Warehouse, we stumbled upon more than 1000 children, held in barbed wire fence cages, who were unbathed, some for two weeks, laying on 1 1/2 inch thick army mats, sitting on 6 inch wide park benches, with the usuals of border crossing illnesses (scabies being largest health concern at the time) inside of a poorly lit warehouse.

This is a problem! For anyone’s children! (But where are the parents anyway?) This is clearly not the border patrols problem, as they are doing what they believe they are within their scope to provide, but in fact, it is the shedding of a poorly written comprehensive immigration policy which avoids the most obvious oversights and also lacks a clear structured plan for future citizens. Unfair and inhuman to deal with influx of children in this manner. And if it were my child, I’d have a grave problem with it.

Call emergency congress session, and not just for money this time, but for a plan to first secure borders, secondly setup social workers to find these children proper housing, and thirdly to rewrite the poorly written and antiquated immigration act!

But How do you integrate 2-300 children per day? (Obama you got business to handle at home.) You must stop it at border, (or even worse the core of government) or this crisis will continue to enLARGE.