The New Black Citizen

Community Enrichment Project (Black History Summer School)

The tragic statistics our communities suffer from, holds onto our children in its numbers. But, we have determined to turn our communities around!

The Community Enrichment Project (CEP), directed by Kathryn McKinney, is determined to alleviate the community of its projected failure, and replace it with its purposed future. It is a eight week curriculum created to instill hope, service, and faith in parents and children.

The CEP is a summer academic and activity based program that interweaves history, culture, discipline, manners, goal setting, higher education, and commitment throughout it’s curriculum.  This program reaches an average of 50 students per day, providing lunch to its participants, and instruction in the week’s activities.

The curriculum is a conglomerate of Black and National Histories, focusing on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Emancipation Proclamation. It also focuses on Current Events, Careers, and Writing. Since the induction of this program, others have taken in some of the action! The Athletic Advantage Association, and the Phoenix Youth Football Association has added this site to their roster, with the inclusion of deeply discounted rates for our children. This CEP has also created a co-ed Performing Drill/Dance/Step team hosting acclaimed name, “The Southwest Show Steppers”.  Some communities have put together a Journalism Club, and will feature their own articles in their online newspaper for Children named, The New Black Citizen.

The CEP, is open to all children, and is held during the summer!

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